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Theological and Biblical GeoInformatics - A Proposal

By Dr. Maged N. Kamel Boulos, (Related Paper)
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and related technologies like Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are a rather new information management vehicle. GIS go beyond conventional database and spreadsheet tables. They help us discover and visualise new patterns and relationships. They allow different information layers to be matched, interlinked, queried and analysed together, thus producing new knowledge (spatio-temporal analysis). In the setting of a church or parish, GIS can help pastors and Church leaders manage their flocks. GIS can assist in assessing people needs (spiritual, social, etc.) and determining factors affecting them. With GIS, ministry progress can be tracked and workloads can be divided efficiently and effectively among priests and servants (into service areas tailored according to individual priest capabilities and location). GIS also allow resources (human, financial, printed material, equipment, etc.) to be planned and allocated wisely. Thanks to GIS, maps and driving routes can be drawn with extreme precision for visitations and preaching. Using GIS (e.g., through a Web-based interface), individuals can quickly find the nearest church/ministry centre that is able to fulfill their needs, especially when they travel away from their primary residential location. Finally, GIS can also help in studying biblical geography, nations and history, and even in mapping the Christian Web or cyberspace.

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"Ethics in Internet" Document (Zenit, 28 February 2002)
"The Church and Internet" Document (Zenit, 28 February 2002)
Baptizing the Internet
Pope Shenouda III Organization & Information Technology Center - Coptic Orthodox Church
OrthodoxWiki, a free-content encyclopedia and information center for Orthodox Christianity that anyone can edit
Theological Markup Language (ThML)
Harry Plantinga's PowerPoint presentation on ThML at the Bible Technologies Conference (2001)
Bible Technologies Initiative
Bible Society Machine Assisted Translation
Computer-Assisted Theology
Computer-Assisted Bible Analysis
Theology in a Digital World
Christianity and Computer Science
God and Computers Lecture Series by Donald E. Knuth, Prof. Emeritus of The Art of Computer Programming (Stanford)
Christian podcasting
Online Bible to help you read, search and study the Bible on your WAP device
Bible for Palm and Pocket PC
Free Arabic Mobile Phone Bible software
Free Bible atlas that harnesses Google Maps (a mashup)
Mapping Centre for Evangelism & Church Growth
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Christian Computing® Magazine
DigiTracts and CyberTracts - Interactive Gospel Presentations (E-Vangelism)
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The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (coordinated and sponsored by the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives at the University of Dayton - a Catholic Marianist Institution)
Lumen Vitae Online - Formation catéchétique et pastorale à distance (a free French distance learning service)
A Guide to Web Evangelism - Detailed Resources for Online Christian Gospel Outreach - Biblical Studies Blogs
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