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Rita's Inspirational Christian JPEG Collection (57 JPEGs in English and Arabic)
Willing Heart (English JPEG)
Valentine from Jesus (English JPEG)
He Knows (English JPEG)
My Dear God (English JPEG)
Teach Me Lord to Pray - text by Fr. Daoud Lamei (Arabic JPEG)
My Dearest Father (Arabic JPEG)
In the silence of night (Arabic JPEG)
At times... (English JPEG)
My child, I miss you (English JPEG)
I come to You (Arabic JPEG)
Good start (Arabic JPEG)
Not alone (Arabic JPEG)
My friend... (Arabic JPEG)
Oh Pain... (Arabic JPEG)
Sufferings (Arabic JPEG)
I will walk with you (English JPEG)
Everyday I need You Lord (English JPEG)
I thank you God (English JPEG)
I wish you remember me in your prayers (English JPEG)
Santa's Prayer (English JPEG)
Letter to Santa (English JPEG)
Merry Christmas (English JPEG)
Merry Christmas (English/Arabic JPEG)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2005! (two English JPEGs)
Christmas 2006
Merry Christmas 2007
Christmas 2007 - Child of Manger (Arabic JPEG)
Christmas 2008 (Arabic and English JPEGs)
Christmas 2009 (English JPEGs)
Christmas Prayer (Arabic JPEG)
Happy Easter (Coptic art - JPEG)
Happy Easter (English JPEG)
Happy Easter '07 (JPEG)
Happy Easter '08 (Arabic JPEGs)
Happy Easter '09 (JPEG)
To My Mother (English JPEG)
Happy Mothers' Day (English JPEG)
To My Mother, the Blessed Holy Virgin Mary (English JPEG)
Letter to my daughter and son (Arabic JPEG)
The Blessed Holy Virgin Mary (JPEG)
Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God (Arabic JPEG)
To My Mother (Arabic JPEG)
To My Mother in 2007 (Arabic JPEG)
Prayer for the New Year (Arabic JPEG)
I will follow You - Prayer (Arabic JPEG)
Prayer (Arabic JPEG)
Another Prayer (Arabic JPEG)
Thank you God for my family (Arabic JPEG)
I want today... (words by the late Fr Youssef Assaad - Arabic JPEG)
Jesus' love (words by the late Fr Youssef Assaad - Arabic JPEG)
Give me quietness (words by the late Fr Youssef Assaad - Arabic JPEG)
Jesus, Our Valentine - Love is Everything (two Arabic JPEGs)
Our Christ, the Incarnate God (Arabic JPEG)
Jesus, You are my God (Arabic JPEG)
God's Love (Arabic JPEG)
Jesus' Pain (Arabic JPEGs)
The Cross (Arabic JPEG)
The Cross (language neutral JPEG)
I made You cry (Arabic JPEG)
Lord, I am indebted to You (Arabic JPEG)
No one is like You, my God (Arabic JPEG)
With his stripes we are healed (Arabic JPEG)
Thank You Lord (Arabic JPEG)
Teach me how to love you (Arabic JPEG)
I want to be like your saints (Arabic JPEG)
I can do all things in him who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13 - Arabic JPEG)
I will fear no evil for thou art with me (Arabic JPEG)
I called God (Arabic JPEG)
I asked God (Arabic JPEGs)
He Cares For You (Arabic JPEG)
He Carries Us (Acts 27:15) (Arabic JPEG)
Hear, O LORD, and have mercy upon me: LORD, be thou my helper (Psalms 30:10 - Arabic JPEG)
Jesus help me (Arabic JPEG)
Help me Jesus - II (Arabic JPEG)
Don't leave me (Psalms 27:1 - Arabic JPEG)
Bring me closer to you (Arabic JPEG)
I love thee, O LORD, my strength (Psalms 18:1 - Arabic JPEG)
Look at me (Arabic JPEG)
A night prayer (Arabic JPEG)
I am the Lord that healeth thee (Exodus 15:26 - Arabic JPEG)
The Healer (Arabic JPEG)
Prayer for healing (Arabic JPEG)
Letter to God from ill person (Arabic JPEGs)
Fear not... thou art mine (Isaiah 43:1 - Arabic JPEG)
Do not be afraid (Arabic JPEG)
I will not forget you (Isaiah 49:15 - Arabic JPEG)
To our brother in Christ Nader who went to a much better place (Arabic JPEG)
To be with Christ is far better (Arabic JPEG)
A Soldier's Prayer (Arabic JPEG)
Pope St. Kyrillos VI - March 2004 (Arabic JPEG)
Pope St. Kyrillos VI: Prayer before exams (Arabic JPEG)
Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1 - Arabic JPEG)
Sayings of Desert Fathers (two Arabic JPEGs)
The Monk... The Cell (two Arabic JPEGs)
Fr Tadros Malaty sayings (Arabic JPEG)
Fr Bishoy Kamel sayings (Arabic JPEG)
HH Pope Shenouda III and St Mark's Lion (To HH Pope Shenouda III on his birthday: 3 August 2005 - Arabic JPEG)
My Eyes Are Upon You (To HH Pope Shenouda III on the golden jubilee of his monastic profession: July 2004 - JPEG)
God Bless Our Church (To HH Pope Shenouda III on his birthday: 3 August 2003 - JPEG)
God Bless Our Great Pope Shenouda III (November 2003/2006 - JPEGs)
HH Pope Shenouda III sayings: the big heart (Arabic JPEG)
HH Pope Shenouda III sayings: be like a stone in face of tribulation (Arabic JPEG)
A Prayer Before Study - By HH Pope Shenouda III (Arabic JPEG)
An excerpt from HH Pope Shenouda III poetry (Arabic JPEG)
A poem by HH Pope Shenouda III: A3mak El7ob Hawak (Arabic PowerPoint)
To HH Pope Shenouda III (Arabic PowerPoint)
Conversation with the Father (Arabic PowerPoint)
Return of the Prodigal Son (Arabic PowerPoint)
Child in Manger (Arabic PowerPoint)
Mary and the Child: Merry Christmas (Executable Flash Movie)
Easter Greeting (Flash Object [.swf])
Easter Greeting (Same as above; QuickTime Movie [.mov])
Our Mother (English QuickTime Movie [.mov] and Flash Object [.swf])
A Christmas Card (QuickTime Movie [.mov])
Christmas 2006 (Flash Object [.swf])
The Virgin of Harisa, Lebanon (QuickTime Movie [.mov])
Mar Charbel, a Lebanese saint (QuickTime Movie [.mov])
He Knows (English - QuickTime Movie [.mov])
Oh Lord (English - QuickTime Movie [.mov])
Psalm 50 (English - QuickTime Movie [.mov])
The Praise of Paschal Week (English/ Arabic PowerPoint)
A conversation with Jesus - Holy Week 2006 (Arabic PowerPoint)
Oh My Beloved (Jesus' Passion) (Arabic PowerPoint)
Jesus' Passion (Arabic PowerPoint)
Who am I? An imaginary story inspired from the crucifixion events (Arabic PowerPoint)
Temptations and Tribulations (Arabic PowerPoint)
Jesus Said (Arabic PowerPoint)
A Day with Jesus (Arabic PowerPoint)
On Mother's Day (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Arkod Elayk (Arabic PowerPoint and Audio)
Arabic Tarnima: You always shelter me under your wings (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Hold my hand (Arabic PowerPoint - Tarnima in MP3)
Arabic Tarnima: My picture in front of You (Arabic PowerPoint - Tarnima in MP3)
Arabic Tarnima: Yalli Amamak Hayati Men Kable Takwiny (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Ma Ahla el-Haya Korbak (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Ya Saheb El Hanan (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Fi Kol Khalika Lamassetak (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: I was blind (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Jesus is searching for me (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Beloved Virgin Mary (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Every Day Under Your Cross (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: My Coptic Church (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Barabbas - Written by HH Pope Shenouda III (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnimas for Holy Week (Arabic PowerPoints)
Arabic Tarnima: Kam Kassa El-zolm Alayki - Written by HH Pope Shenouda III (Arabic PowerPoint - Tarnima in MP3)
Arabic Tarnima for Jonah's Fast (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Habibi Ya Men Le Agli (Arabic PowerPoint and MP3)
Arabic Tarnima: Khaberni ya Youhana (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Fi Deyarak ya Yasou3 (Arabic PowerPoint + WAVE audio)
Arabic Tarnima: You changed St Augustine (Arabic PowerPoint + MP3 link)
Arabic Tarnima: Edini Qalb Gadid (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Nefsy Arssem Soura Leek (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Thaqualt Hemoli (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Waghuka La Youfarequni (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Ya Saheb Alhanan (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Anta Abra3 Gamalan (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: 3aref Da3fee (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Mat3oloosh Elham Rabena Mawgood (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: YaRab E3mal Men Agl Esmak (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: La La Tatroukni Wahdi (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: Esnedny Fee Da3fee (Arabic PowerPoint)
Arabic Tarnima: YaSayed Ismaa... YaSayed Eghfer... (Arabic PowerPoint + MP3)
Arabic Tarnima: Harmy Kol Etekally 3aleik (Arabic PowerPoint + MP3)
Arabic Tarnima: Salamto Nafsi fi Yadayek (Arabic PowerPoint + MP3)
Arabic Tarnima: Kayfa Anssa (Arabic PowerPoint + MP3)
Arabic Tarnima: Iz Da3awtak (Arabic PowerPoint + MP3)
Arabic Tarnima: Iz Araaka Rabby (Arabic PowerPoint + MP3)
Arabic Tarnima: Ma Ahla Saa (Arabic PowerPoint)

Rita Zakko's Inspirational Christian JPEG Collection

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